General & Pediatric Dental Care in Spencer, Massachusetts

Spencer Family Dental believes that a healthy smile and a sense of confidence go hand-in-hand. Maintaining a healthy outlook on life and a beautiful smile takes more than regular brushing, it requires routine professional dental care.

General Dentistry

Our dental office provides quality dental care for you and your family to maintain a healthy smile. We understand that for some, professional dental care can bring anxiety. No need to worry. Our experienced, caring and compassionate team will make you feel comfortable. We strive for painless dentistry. All your options are fully explained to you, so that you can make an educated decision for your dental care.
Dental Care, Dental Service in Spencer, Massachusetts

Pediatric Dental Care

The caring staff at our office takes their time with your child to make sure they are comfortable during their visit. First time visit, your child is introduced to the office, the dentist, and the hygienist. Your child is also able to touch the tools that are used so they are not afraid of them. In addition, there are TVs in the rooms, which allow them to focus on their favorite show instead of the dental visit.
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